NEW Sportsman 38
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by Huckins Yacht

The Huckins hull is a stable platform at all speeds and does not wallow. She rides at a constant 3½ degrees on plane without trim tabs and comes up on plane in 4 seconds. She comes up on plane at 11 knots and at that speed does not easily get knocked off. Most boats do not come up on plane until around 16 knots and are easily knocked off at that speed. Most Huckins are designed with a top speed of 30+ knots and a top cruising speed of 28 knots (Of course we can always design in more speed if desired) this gives Huckins a wide cruising range (11kts-28kts) on plane that allows you to adjust the speed of the boat to match the sea without digging or wallowing.

At rest, which is not often considered when talking about performance, she does not list when overloaded by too many people sitting or standing on one side of the boat. She also has the same stable feel when slowing down in the ocean: such as trolling while fishing.

One often talks about performance at higher speeds. The Huckins hull is designed for performance at all speeds. When she is cruising at displacement speeds she does not bow steer and at any speed you do not have to constantly adjust the helms wheel. As she comes up on plane she does not stick her nose up in the air before she settles down. She simply rises gracefully and easily to 3½ degrees and remains there. This gives you good and proper visibility at all times.

Because of her light weight construction and extremely efficient hull form she is the most fuel efficient yacht that you can ever ride on. She is as nimble as a ballet dancer yet designed to take any sea that you can throw at her. She deftly handles following seas in an ebb tide and does not shirk turning around in a sea without broaching then facing them head on with the power to ride over the wave and meet the next one. Her ability to handle all manner of seas allows those on board true confidence.