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Hull #: 369 Year Built: 1962 Location: Chicago, IL
Owner: Jeff Sharfstein Date: August, 2012

Upon our arrival in Chicago, Jeff Sharfstein, a true lover of classic boats, graciously invited Buddy and me aboard his 1962 56-foot Huckins, Fremont. Happy to oblige, we joined Jeff for a Huckins rendezvous that sunny morning, touring the salt-free waters of Lake Michigan. The boat ran great but Jeff wanted expert advice on peak performance. He asked Buddy, "What speed should I run the boat?" Buddy replied, "2,100 RPM."

Proper RPM Tip:

It's important to run your engines at the proper RPM to keep the boat and engines in better overall shape.

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Fremont is in peak condition thanks to Jeff and previous owners.

Buddy explained, "Our boats are not meant to be displacement boats; they are meant to get up on top of the water and run."

A Huckins Corinthean model, Fremont is in peak condition thanks to Jeff and previous owners. A few years back, the Huckins boatyard had the pleasure of restoring the yacht for its 6th owner, Maldwin Drummond. Maldwin commissioned a total refit and full paint job, both inside and out. He also had us put down a teak sole with mahogany splines throughout, rather than the traditional teak and holly floor. Later, Maldwin decided to go with a smaller Huckins model and the refurbished Corinthean went back on the market.

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Jeff Sharfstein shared with us that he originally saw the boat listed on the Internet and caught a flight to Jacksonville with full intentions of purchasing it. A case of bad luck ensued and Jeff arrived in Jacksonville to find the boat had been sold for cash just a few hours earlier. Fortunately, three years later the yacht was back on the market and Jeff was quick to pull the trigger.

Finally in his possession, the boat was spruced up once again and aptly named Fremont. To Jeff, "Fremont" is special because it represents the name of the street where he first met his wife, at an antique Chicago apartment complex he had purchased and later renovated and turned into a home for the happy couple. The property on Fremont symbolized a grand old classic that had been restored, just like Jeff's 1962 Huckins.

Jeff and his family regularly enjoy cruising Lake Michigan aboard their first Huckins yacht, especially the weekend dinner cruises and nightly fireworks that illuminate the Chicago skyline. Buddy and I thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to meet with Jeff and we look forward to keeping in touch throughout the coming years.

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