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Paul Rogers

Licensed Yacht Broker

Paul Rogers was born in Saugus, Massachusetts, and grew up right across the street from Britt Brothers Boatyard, where Frank Pembroke Huckins cut the Kex II in half and expanded it to the Kex III. He saw his first Huckins in 1958 at Point of Pines Yacht Club in MA. When he was in the Navy and stationed at Mayport he would tell himself, I'm going to run by "that boatyard" when I get out. He came to the yard looking for a job as a machinist, but when asked, "Are you a painter?" he replied, "Damn right." He started working in the paint department just before Buddy Purcell did. He became the paint foreman (and Buddy's boss) in 1974. In 1980 he was promoted to service manager and for the next 30+ years he stayed in this role. He recently retired in early 2015 and his son, PJ Rogers, has followed in his footsteps assuming the role of service manager. Paul believes, "whether you are doing service or new construction, it has to be fun for the owner and not confrontational. Our owners are conservative, knowledgeable people who want more than a production boat, who throw out ideas and want to see them put on paper. I tried to incorporate them all." With a lifetime of yacht knowledge he has enjoyed his newest endeavor in brokerage as a licensed yacht broker.

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