If it floats, we’ll service it.
If it doesn’t, somebody else did.

Whether you’re refitting, remodeling, repainting or repowering, Huckins does it all. For all brands of boats. Here, craftsmen who custom-build legendary Huckins yachts perform all your service work: the same designers, engineers, carpenters, painters, ABYC-certified electricians and mechanics. And all at the lowest hourly rates among full-service yards on Florida’s east coast.

Mission Statement

Huckins' complete refit facility creates an atmosphere and culture that makes for a delightful boat yard experience. With our exceptional staff, Huckins continues to exceed all customer expectations and is undoubtedly the clear destination for all of your boat yard needs.

Restorations & Major Refits

The secret to timeless beauty.

In this age of combining vintage style with modern amenities, Huckins’ craftsmanship is universally renowned — both in restorations and new construction.

To us, restoring yachts is as rewarding as building new ones. We embrace our role as caretaker of the historic Huckins fleet and we take pride in the restoration of other makes and models as well, classic and otherwise.

Numerous articles have been penned about our ability to tackle complete interior and exterior projects, thanks to the considerable capabilities of Huckins carpenters, engineers, mechanics and painters: refinishing toerails, caprails and deck boxes; fairing, sanding and painting hulls; adding bow thrusters, stabilizers and other improvements; rebuilding decks, transoms, pilot houses, heads and galleys; the list goes on and on.

Whether your project involves gutting and rebuilding interiors or replacing windows, electrical equipment or mechanical systems, the Huckins yard can seamlessly integrate modern technology with the original elegance. We’ll have your yacht looking as good as the day it was built. Only better.

Service Testimonials

Staff was awesome, professional and customer friendly. They have a customer for life!.

Faron Miles

Quality of work and attention to detail surpassed my expectations.

Jack Stringfield

The Huckins staff was very responsive and did an excellent job of keeping me informed throughout the process. This helped keep the yard “surprises” to a minimum.

Ed Kelly

Deb and Justin are a pleasure to deal with in every situation I have had with them in the past several years. You have a great team with customer satisfaction as a priority.

Jack Cernik

It’s a pleasure working with you as well as doing business with you. I will highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks again and have a blessed one.

Craig Roberts

You folks were the best to deal with, very understanding and helpful.

Steve Parker

No matter how much I visited to know the status of my project the staff (and dog) were all gems.

Steve Stupak

Great follow-up & communication.

Jack Nickerson

Great experience with Huckins! All my instructions were followed to the letter. All work done in a professional manner. Price for work done was reasonable. Great people from Deb in the office, Paul the service manager, Tom, Eric, and Chris. All terrific!

Captain Stu Schechter

We just completed a total galley re-fit by Huckins and are astounded by the highest quality carpentry work. We never would have come here because we thought they only built high-end motor yachts. We were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price.

M. Timon

Huckins boat yard recently did a bottom job on my 34’ Trawler. They were highly responsive, prompt, and did an excellent job. As a result, I will be a happy returning customer.

Gary Whiting

I had asked for an estimate from Huckins and was shocked when a written one appeared in my inbox that afternoon. Anyone who needs work done on their boat knows that this is unusual in a good way. They’re craftsmen – you can tell.

Jeffrey Siegel

I was very pleased about the quality of work done. Huckins will be first on my list for any future work done on our boat.

Kevin Koehl

What sold me more than anything was visiting Deb and Paul at the yard. They sold me on their pride of doing the job right.

Steve Collar

Huckins is currently restoring my 1930 Elco and I chose Huckins based on reputation. I am extremely pleased as a current customer.

Suellyn Herring

I had a great experience at Huckins and appreciated the attention and opportunity to meet you [Cindy].

Dick Robinson

I have been familiar with Huckins and your history of building PT boats back during WW2. Your reputation has always been outstanding as a boat yard and as my project at your yard comes to a close this week, I believe it is well earned.

David Ledbetter

I have found the staff at Huckins to be one of the most professional and talented group of people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Captain Juanita Padgett, USCG