Mystic Seaport Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous

Magnificent antique boats will sail into Mystic Seaport, a picturesque New England town. This is a place where Hollywood producers, documentarians, photographers and more have captured the quaint town’s magic.  It’s a place where a working shipyard, historic tall ships and buildings, plus a waterfront village fill the landscape, and it begs boaters to stop and admire the scenery. This summer, along the Mystic River, Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and The Sea is hosting it’s 37th annual Mystic Seaport Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous on July 28-29, 2012.  This two-day event will host a variety of activities, attract...Read More

Huckins Yacht Tender 36

Huckins 36′ Custom Mega Yacht Tender

We have released the design of a 36’ mega yacht tender. Huckins Yacht Corporation prides itself as one of today’s only true custom yacht builders, and we offer yachtsman a classic-retro-styled yacht, with modern amenities, plus the trademarked Huckins Quadraconic hull. Huckins time tested Quadraconic hull captures superior sea going qualities and ensures effortless transistion to on plane, a proper running angle at cruise speed, along with an inherent miserly need for fuel. This tender may use a variety of propulsion systems including jet drive, pod drive, conventional shaft, or even the latest hybrid technology, all of which easily reach...Read More


Florida Times-Union Recounts the Grandfather of Huckins

The Florida Times-Union reporter, Matt Soergel, has written an excellent story on the founder of Huckins Yacht Corporation, Frank Pembroke Huckins. Huckins was known for his wit and humor and was never afraid to voice his opinion. Matt Soergel captures quotes from Huckins’ memoirs, “Boats and Women: The History of My Life”, and takes you through his life nearly seventy years ago. The Florida Times-Union is a major daily newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida and is recognized as the oldest newspaper in the state. Read the full article on here.


Employee Spotlight: Justin Connally

Huckins Yacht Corporation prides itself in having some of the most experienced and qualified service personnel in the industry, and every so often an employee will go above and beyond what is expected of them. After less than a year of working with Huckins, Justin Connally, an expert mechanic, has done just this. Tom Jones, head of Quality Control, states, “Justin is extremely good at working with customers, and they have been personally requesting him to work on their boats.” His main duties as a mechanic involve gas engines, outboard motors, inboard/outboard drive systems, diesel engines, and computer diagnostics on...Read More


Yankee Nomad Receives New Paint Job

A new paint job can really bring a boat back to life, and that is exactly what the Huckins service department did to this 65’ Defever, the Yankee Nomad. The Huckins team worked to completely remove all of the boat’s hardware and repair areas damaged by rotten wood. After repairing the rotting wood, the boat received a full paint job, “making it look like a brand-new boat,” remarked PJ Rogers, the Huckins Paint Foreman. Rogers has been with Huckins for over 16 years and says, “coming to work is more like a hobby for me. It gives me self-gratification, not...Read More