Huckins Partners with Safe Harbor Maritime Academy

A group of teenage boys are taking pointers as the Huckins team works on stripping and varnishing the Amazing Grace’s toe rail. The 115-foot yacht, Amazing Grace, was privately donated several years ago to Safe Harbor Maritime Academy, an organization that provides a nurturing learning environment to help teenage boys find balance and harmony in their lives. Founded in Jacksonville, FL in 1984, Safe Harbor Maritime Academy serves as an educational facility for boys age 14-17 and provides a safe, stable, structured, alternative home environment with hands-on seamanship training.

Huckins was honored to work on the Amazing Grace and continues to mentor Safe Harbor Maritime Academy students by teaching them the proper way to strip, sand and varnish. “This is a rewarding experience for everyone involved,” stated Cindy Purcell, third generation owner of Huckins Yacht Corporation.

Safe Harbor has been making headlines and was featured on CBS This Morning, NBC Today Show, CNN, CBN and in People Magazine. The fame continues as Safe Harbor is now a made-for-TV movie occasionally featured on the Hallmark Channel. If you would like to learn more or to become involved in this worthy cause visit Safe Harbor Maritime Academy at: