Dear Huckins Dockage and Storage Customers,

We are in full preparation mode as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida. We encourage you to come in and check your lines, remove isinglass and canvas. In order for us to protect your boat and our property we will bill you ($90.00/hr. Hurricane service fee) for time spent double checking lines and making appropriate safety precautions before and during the storm. Hurricane haul and launch rate is ($7.00 40-ton lift) and ($10.00 70-ton lift). Everyone will be charged the $90.00/hr. service fee for Huckins to look-after your boats during the storm, even those on the Hurricane haul-out list.

We will accept no boats 5 days prior to a hurricane as broadcast by local weather stations. If you elect to leave your boat in the Huckins yard when a storm is approaching we will do our best to keep it from being damaged or damaging other boats, but we will not be responsible for damage to your boat or what it may do to others boats, persons or property. We may lose power at Huckins and will not be responsible for any perishables left in the refrigerator or freezer. If we elect to haul your boat for safety or make other safety preparations, Huckins will bill you $90.00/hr. for that time spent whether or not we are successful in keeping your boat from harm. By electing to leave your boat in our yard, you give us total authority to do what we think is necessary to protect your boat, other boats and our property. At the same time, by leaving the boat in our yard, you release us and hold Huckins harmless from all liability for damage to your property and for action taken to protect your property. If damage should occur to your boat, your insurance would be used for your repairs or repairs for damage caused by your boat. (*SB2128, a bill which authorizes all marina owners to take action to secure vessels during severe weather, and to charge a fee for this service, while protecting these individuals from being held responsible for liability.)

Hurricane Service Rates:
• $90.00/hr. – before/during storm prep
• $7.00/ft. – haul/launch 40-ton lift
• $10.00/ft. – haul/launch 70-ton lift
The Ortega River offers an excellent Hurricane Hole, but as the storm approaches we know that being aboard your boat may not take 1st priority.

It is not enjoyable to have to address a subject such as this, but we hope that we will have your cooperation and understanding.

PJ Rogers
Service Manager, Huckins Yacht Corporation

P.S. - Please make sure we have a GOOD phone number for you on file. To update, call (904) 389-1125 or email