Huckins Yacht Tender 36

Huckins 36′ Custom Mega Yacht Tender

We have released the design of a 36’ mega yacht tender. Huckins Yacht Corporation prides itself as one of today’s only true custom yacht builders, and we offer yachtsman a classic-retro-styled yacht, with modern amenities, plus the trademarked Huckins Quadraconic hull. Huckins time tested Quadraconic hull captures superior sea going qualities and ensures effortless transistion to on plane, a proper running angle at cruise speed, along with an inherent miserly need for fuel.

This tender may use a variety of propulsion systems including jet drive, pod drive, conventional shaft, or even the latest hybrid technology, all of which easily reach speeds of 30 knots plus.

Third generation Huckins owner, Cindy Purcell, states, “The interior design for this Huckins yacht tender can be adapted to suite the mother ship’s needs. This layout suggests a use for ferrying supplies, guests, or as a snorkel/dive platform”.

Know that your Huckins luxury yacht tender will be handcrafted with a dedicated staff featuring the most skilled boat builders in the industry to include marine engineers, electricians, wood craftsman, mechanics, and more.

For more information on this custom Huckins yacht tender contact us at (904) 389-1125.
Huckins Yacht 36' Tender